Monday, August 01, 2005

Glad as Hell Rocks Halton

Stop 4: Halton, Ontario

Although I touched on Harper's visit to Halton and the construction hat picture bellow, someone has let me know that Harper was there to support local candidate Garth Turner. And Garth has a blog! Thanks to Garth's blog, you can read a full recap of the event here. I also decided to skim through the back pages of Garth's blog for fun. Among the highlights:

1. Apparently Garth gets hits for "Stephen Harper Conservative Cowboy" too! If only Conservatives were willing to talk about gay people, his traffic would triple due to the incredible surge in "Stephen Harper gay cowboy" searches we've seen this summer.

2. Garth also tells a Stephen Harper joke in his blog: Why did Stephen Harper become an economist? Because he didn’t have the personality to be an accountant.

3. He also links to the riding's previous results:

Gary Carr (Liberal Party of Canada) 27,362
Frank Marchetti (Green Party of Canada) 2,889
Dean Martin (Conservative Party of Canada) 21,704
Anwar Naqvi (New Democratic Party) 4,642

Boy, if Dean Martin can't even win for the Tories, I don't know what chance Garth has.

Garth also touches on the hard hats:

We don them, and after receiving assurances from the four political aides now present that we do not look like dorks, go back outside.

heh heh. OK - now, the Glad as Hell recap:

Location: Halton, Ontario (as an aside, anyone notice the lack of Quebec stops on the Glad as Hell Tour?)
Positives: Garth didn't tell any of his Stephen Harper jokes in front of the media.
Negatives: See the village people jokes bellow.
Human Index: Dick Chenney. Harper scores 6 out of 7 on the human index this takes a true leader to don headgear and not look like a dork, but I think Harper actually pulls it off.

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