Friday, December 01, 2006

The Race for Stornoway

Montreal Updates, Posts, and News
A collection of blog posts (mine and any others which catch my eye) and news stories from the convention - to be updated as things progress.

Convention Blogroll!
A BCer in Toronto
A View From the Left
Cherniak on Politics
Endless Spin
Fuddle Duddle
James Curran
NB Politico
Northern Ontario Young Liberal
Political Staples (evil Tory spy alert!)
Prairie Fire
Progressive Bloggers
Stephen Taylor (evil Tory spy alert!)
U of O Liberals
Western Grit

Other Montreal Resources
CG Endorsement for Marie Poulin
Bobbi Ethier Interviews - CG, Gauntlet
Senator Poulin Interviews - CG, Gauntlet
Tony Ianno Interviews - Gauntlet
Gauntlet Policy Roundup: Read them, international, economic, social justice, and all the rest
In Support of the Red Ribbon Report

Candidate Profiles
Final Thoughts on the Final Four - Bottom candidates, Dion, Kennedy, Rae, Ignatieff

Gerard Kennedy Endorsement and my Super Weekend endorsement
Stephane Dion
Maurizio Bevilacqua
Ken Dryden
Bob Rae
Scott Brison
Michael Ignatieff
Martha Hall Findlay
Carolyn Bennett
Hedy Fry
Joe Volpe

Globe & Mail Candidate Profiles
CBC Candidate Profiles

Michael Ignatieff in 14,000 words or less
The Globe on Dion
The Globe on Brison
The Globe on Rae
The Globe on Martha
The Globe on Kennedy
The Globe on Volpe
The Globe on Dryden
Diebel on Dryden
Diebel on Kennedy

Diebel on Iggy

Candidate Websites
Scott Brison
Stephane Dion
Ken Dryden
Martha Hall Findlay
Michael Ignatieff
Gerard Kennedy
Bob Rae
Joe Volpe

Blogs & Buzz
Lib News
Cerebus Leadership Central
Blue Blogging Website Reviews
Delegate Count

Conventions & Debates
A BCer in Toronto Recaps the LPCO Convention (links to other blog recaps)
CG Recaps the LPCA Convention
First Debate Thoughts
Wells on the First Debate
Second Debate Thoughts
Political Staples on Kitchener Forum

BC Debate Recap
Quebec City Debate Recap

A View of Two Interviews Martha Hall Findlay
CG Interviews Michael Ignatieff
CG Interviews Ken Dryden
CG Interviews Scott Brison
CG Interviews Maurizio Bevilacqua
Cherniak Interviews Scott Brison

Cherniak Interviews Maurizio Bevilacqua
CG Interview Martha Hall Findlay
Political Staples Interviews Stephane Dion
CG Interviews Dion - part 1, part 2, part 3
Maple Tree Interviews Martha Hall Findlay
CG Interview Gerard Kennedy - part 1, part 2
CG Interview Bob

Cerebus' Blogger Endorsements
Wikipedia Endorsements
Caucus Endorsements
Delegate Count

Gerard Kennedy News & Articles (As I am, after all, partisan)
Gerard Kennedy Newsdesk
Charismatic and Complicated
Kennedy's Apprenticeship
Young MPs Set to Back Kennedy
DemocraticSpace Endorsement
Kennedy Speaks on Immigration
Review of Immigration Platform
Edmonton Journal Profile
Madeleine Meilleur Endorsement
Kennedy Releases Immigration Platform
Provincial MPPs throw support behind Kennedy
Kennedy on Everyone's Radar Screen
Kennedy and Brison debate on QP
Kennedy on Afghanistan
Kennedy Closing Remarks from BC debate
5 Liberal MLAs endorse Kennedy
Trudeau on Kennedy
Trudeau endorses Kennedy

Candidates Blogging
Ignatieff Community blogs
Gerard Kennedy Group Blog

First Ballot Projections
Original Post
First Update
Second Update
Third Update


Fun Stuff
Youth for Volpe
Generation Kennedy


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