Monday, April 03, 2006

Where Jim Dinning Stands

I'm afraid I may have been a little harsh on Jim Dinning in my earlier post. No sooner had I put the post up, then I got an e-mail from the Jim Dinning campaign team, revealing where Jim stands on key issues that matter to all Albertans. Among his gutsy positions:

1. Sunshine
Jim is in favour of sunshine, except when it causes skin cancer. He also recognizes that albinos may have issues with it and is sensitive to their concerns.

2. Puppies
Jim supports puppies and can often be seen in pictures with them. In fact, many of Jim's closest friends own puppies. Nevertheless, Jim recognizes the dangers of rabies and will take steps to end rabies in Alberta if elected Premier.

3. Lollipops
Jim has mixed opinions on lollipops. While he does support them in principle, he is aware of the dangers of tooth decay and feels that flossing should be encouraged in our schools.

4. Rainbows
Dinning declines comment

5. Jim's vision for Alberta
Jim Dinning supports Alberta.


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