Thursday, January 26, 2006

Draft Paul Hellyer

With my guy out of the race, I've been browsing the rumoured names: Anne McLellan, Allan Rock, George Smitherman, Gerard Kennedy, Lloyd Axworthy, Dennis Mills, Ujjal Dosanj, Clyde Wells. It seems every individual in Canada who has ever remotely been associated with the Liberal Party is being called into service. So, Calgary Grit is pleased to be the first blog to start the draft Paul Hellyer movement!

This is not just some random endorsement; I have weighed the candidates carefully and have several reasons for supporting Paul. First of all, the Liberal Party is broke. If our next leader is named "Paul" we can keep the "Paulberta" t-shirts and various other "Paul" merchandise we currently have. Let's be practical people.

Secondly, despite his name, which will no doubt make him more appealing to Martinites than Chretienites, Hellyer is not directly associated with either side of the Chretien/Martin feud. This makes him the sort of consensus candidate that all Liberals could get behind - something we desperately need at this time.

Most importantly however, is Hellyer's electability. Having been a member of virtually every political party in Canada at one time or another, he is certain to garner much cross-party appeal in the next general election. As founder of the Canadian Action Party, we can likely expect a good number of their votes to come our way in the next election. Yes, I know they only received slightly over 6,000 votes, but if that vote broke down the right way in key swing ridings, it could elect us an extra 5 or 6 MPs. Remember, Andy Mitchell lost by a mere 29 votes.

Finally, I also think Hellyer will appeal to many who do not traditionally follow politics and vote. I am, of course, talking about the OMNI vote, made famous by Scott Feschuck and Jason Kenney during the last campaign. As a UFO advocate, Hellyer would no doubt appeal to the many X-Files and Roswell fanatics out there who feel their belief in extra terrestrials is not fully represented by any of the mainstream parties (well, except for the Greens).

I know his organization may not be as strong as McKenna's, but he still has many supporters from his 1968 and 1976 leadership runs who would spring into action at his word. And while some Liberals may have doubts about his frequent crossing of the floor, we must remember that Belinda Stronach and Scott Brison consider themselves serious leadership candidates.

So, Liberals. Today we start the dawning of a new era! Join me as we enter the final frontier of Liberal dominance. Sign up bellow and join the winning team! The truth is out there: And his name, is Paul Hellyer!



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