Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Letters: Elizabeth May

An exclusive look at Elizabeth May's Christmas letter, after posting ones for Harper, Ignatieff, and Layton earlier this week.


Hi, it’s me - Elizabeth May. From the Green Party. I was the lady in the debates last year.

I know you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. It’s not that I’ve been quiet, it’s that the media continues to unfairly ignore the Green Party.

So you may have been surprised to see a BC postmark on this envelope, but don’t be – I’ve got a new home! After Green Party strategists pointed out that it was foolish for me to take on an established Cabinet Minister like Peter MacKay in the last election, I’ve picked a new riding to run in. This time, I’ll be tricycling door to door to defeat Minister of State for Sport Gary Lunn, so I would really appreciate your vote. Unless you want to vote Liberal, which I’m mostly cool with too.

Given all that’s happened with the world economy over the past year, I know there’s one issue on the minds of all Canadians - proportional representation! This issue is often confusing so let me put it in terms so simple that even Canadian voters, in all their ignorance, will be able to understand:

Let’s say your family is sitting down for a winter equinox tofurkey dinner. Do you think it’s fairer that one person gets a majority of the tofurkey, or would you rather everyone gets a fair portion? Proportional representation is kind of like that.

Please recycle this letter at your earliest convenience,

Elizabeth May


  • tofurkey? yuck! Try selling that to the Americans over Thanksgiving!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 PM  

  • so I would really appreciate your vote. Unless you want to vote Liberal, which I’m mostly cool with too.


    How much do you want to bet that Elizabeth May voted Liberal last election? :)

    By Blogger Robert Vollman, at 4:56 PM  

  • "...winter equinox tofurkey dinner." In fairness to her, she celebrates Christmas.

    Source: Wikipedia. "May is studying theology at Saint Paul University, and describes herself as a devout Christian.

    She indicates that her devout religious position and path towards becoming an ordained minister with the Anglican Church does not clash with her role in the Green Party of Canada, and sees a clear separation between religion and politics."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 PM  

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