Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Paul Martin: “Let me be perfectly clear: I am going to get to the bottom of why that chicken crossed the road, come hell or high water!”

Stephen Harper: “I am going to consult with Canadians to see why they think the chicken crossed the road. Only after I have listened to Canadians will I be in a position to judge whether or not this chicken crossed the road.”

Jack Layton: “I’m not here to talk about the chicken. I’m here to talk about making Parliament work. A Kyoto plan, clean air, post-secondary education, these are the issues Canadians care about, not some chicken.”

Gilles Ducceppe: “The chicken crossing the road is a sign dat fe-dee-RAW-lism is broken.”

Scott Brison: “Let Judge Gomery report and then we will know for certain why that chicken crossed the road.”

Belinda Stronach: “It’s about growing the economy…sorry, what was the question again?”

David Herle: “Let’s call an overpriced inquiry into why the chicken crossed the road, paying particular attention to any information that could damage the Liberal brand. Then we can truly differ ourselves from our predecessor.”


  • I think what Harper actually said was, "It's disgraceful that the chicken crossed the road. I'm going to put this chicken out of its misery, and then we'll buy a new chicken."

    By Blogger wonderdog, at 2:43 PM  

  • Nice post CG.

    By Blogger The Hack, at 4:31 PM  

  • John Reynolds: "The chicken crossed the road to meet its rooster pimp. That's because it's a Liberal chicken and Liberals are whores."

    By Blogger Matt, at 5:18 PM  

  • i laughed so hard at the belinda line that my conservative boss is probably walking over here to fire me, a desire that will only be strengthened once he sees the title of this blog!

    By Blogger angela, at 6:56 PM  

  • Fraser Institute: out of 900 chicken crossings studied over 800 were grossly behind schedule because the government had a socialist monopoly on roads and chicken crossings. many other chickens did'nt get to cross at all and are on a waiting list. this, according to a shocking new study by mike harris. would you like to see some charts now?

    By Blogger robert mcbean, at 8:04 PM  

  • Joe Volpe: A chicken Crossing the road with its head cut off.

    Vijay Sappani

    By Blogger vsappani, at 8:11 PM  

  • This was a really funny post. Don't you dare file this under the "Ill-fated attempts at humour" category! This was gold CG, gold!

    By Blogger treehugger, at 9:15 PM  

  • Thanks for a laugh after a rough day!


    By Blogger Kevin, at 10:03 PM  

  • I thought Belinda wanted to bake a bigger chicken pie?

    By Blogger Andrew Spicer, at 10:04 PM  

  • As far as Jean Chretien is concerned, the chicken is just small-coop cheap.

    By Blogger sean incognito, at 10:22 PM  

  • I got juice all over myself. You have to be more careful. That much humor all in one place can be dangerous!

    By Blogger Socialist Swine, at 12:30 AM  

  • Nice work...that was one funny post.

    By Blogger Bert, at 12:39 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger matt, at 3:27 AM  

  • Maybe you can clear one other thing up for me: which came first?

    By Blogger left town for good, at 10:15 AM  

  • I thought Scott Brison was chicken roadkill?

    By Blogger iggy, at 9:00 AM  

  • When my grandson was about four years of age his answer to the question was "because he wanted to" So simple and clear thinking. The only problem is how do we transfer it to politicians of all strips

    By Blogger shadow, at 12:16 AM  

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