Sunday, December 19, 2004

Person of the Year

Freethought has a debate going about the Person of the Year. They suggest the Iraqi people which seems a bit like a cop-out to me. Other winners:

Time: George W. Bush
Time Canada: Maher Arar
Maclean's: Chantal Petticlerc
Globe & Mail: Chantal Petticlerc

Since it's a fun and easy topic, making it a nice change from the gun registry and same sex debates, I figured I'd weigh in. Keep in mind, I'm coming from a Calgary perspective, with a focus on politics, as always.

Given that, this blog will name Ralph Klein as the Person of the Year. Keep in mind, these type of awards aren't necessarily given to great people, but to the most newsworthy person of the past year. And clearly, Ralph was newsworthy. On the negative side, you had frequent meltdowns with the press, his skipping out of the health meetings to gamble, his attack on AISH recipients, and his completely incomprehensible verbal assault on Laurie Blakeman. Of course, there was the Alberta election that was surprisingly newsworthy, due to his reduced majority.

But the biggest reason he wins this award is for his impact on federal politics. His musings on private health care may very well have cost Stephen Harper the election. And he's at it again, set to embark on his crusade against equal marriage. Suffice to say, he won't be getting a card with the young, smiling, Harper clan on its front this Christmas.


  • Hard to disagree with you there. The worst part is that he didn't actually ~do~ anything other than spout his mouth off.

    Except during the election, where he didn't say anything at all.

    Except insult AISH recipients.

    It's incredible that a man who had done so little could've been so newsworthy. Good choice for Newsmaker of the Year.


    By Blogger Rob Huck, at 12:43 a.m.  

  • Chantel who?? hrmmm... usually the person of the year is someone I've heard of.

    By Blogger Chris, at 10:39 p.m.  

  • Petticlerc won a bunch of medals at the paralympics. She was then raised a huff when she tied Perditia Felicien (famous for her 5 seconds of hurdling before doing a faceplant in the Olympics) for the track and field athlete of the year.

    You can make a case for her as athlete of the year, but as top Canadian or top newsmaker...I dunno.

    By Blogger calgarygrit, at 12:37 a.m.  

  • Paralimpics??? What the fuck is that? My cousin Rory won 3 medals at the Special Mulimpics in summersaultin' and he didn't even get a write-up in Fast Forward. What BS, too much political correctness in this country. I think the person of the year should be Osama Bin-sama, who got his desired election result by popping up 3 days before the vote, and still eludes capture. Either him or Carl Roove. In Canada, Paul Martini should win, for having the roughest year for a PM since Joe Who-ah! Either him or Tad Burtussi. In Alberta, the person of the year is Breat the Hitman Heart cause he rocks and should win every year, he can also take down the Calgary award. In my neighbourhood of Coventry, Jimmy the Lebanese grocer wins hands down for the 9th straight year. In my household, my little-lady Beatrice wins for still doin' what she does best 3 times a month, even though we met all those years ago. Those are my awards...

    By Blogger Skippy McPippy, at 1:25 p.m.  

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