Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fantasy Leadership

A reader writes in with the following suggestion:

I think you should host a thread on people's fantasy liberal leaders. Dead or alive, fictional or real, canadian or convince-to-immigrate. I've had this chat with some of my friends and heard some good responses. After all, there's no reason the LPC shouldn't be able to attract anyone in the real-live-canadian category (even if you've only just returned...). I've heard Gretz's name mentioned, and with his team's poor showing he may be up for a career change. And the recent gambling scandal (and his emphatic denials) suggest he may have the sand for politics.

I'll toss in a few other names to get the ball rolling:

Jack Bauer
Pros: He's used to making quick decisions in pressure packed situations. No one could question our commitment to the war on terror. Since he's played by Kiefer, who is Tommy Douglas' grandson, he'd be very appealing to NDP voters.
Cons: He supports the use of torture and has been out of the country for long time. Surely that would exclude him from Liberal leadership, n'est-ce-pas?

Ralph Klein
Pros: Has done a great job at making Stephen Harper's life as miserable as possible over the years. Could lead to an Alberta breakthrough for Liberals (of 2 or 3 seats - let's be realistic).
Cons: He's a Conservative. But hey, who in this race isn't?
Everyone in Ontario hates him. Not that that's stopping Bob Rae...

Jesus Christ
Pros: Last JC won 3 majorities.
Ability to perform miracles gives us a fighting chance in Calgary.
Speaks in tongues so he should know French.
Difficult to run an attack ad against him.
Cons: Like Paul Martin, seems to be living in his father's shadow and has been known to wander aimlessly for 40 days at a time.

So send in your suggestions and post them in the comments section bellow. The field to date is rather uninspiring, so hopefully we can find a hidden gem out there.


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