Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 3 in Review

Week 1 in Review
Week 2 in Review

On the Net: Rob Silver on unnamed Liberal sources. James Bow on culture. Maestro analyzes the music being used in election commercials. Christopher Holcroft's blog.

Stock Market: CPC 145, Lib 79, NDP 44, BQ 36, Oth 4. With a Tory majority at 38%.

Election Prediction Project: CPC 118, Lib 72, BQ 29, NDP 22, Oth 2, too close to call 65

Calgary Grit Seat Projections: CPC 155, Lib 78, Bloc 42, NDP 33, Oth 1. With a Tory majority at 52%.

Democratic Space Seat Projections: CPC 142, Lib 80, Bloc 48, NDP 36, Oth 2

Policy Corner: Harper gets tough on 14 year olds, and the Liberals release their full platform as do the NDP.

Sacked Candidate Counter: With another Liberal bitting the dust, it's now: Liberal 3, NDP 3, CPC 2

John McCain Moment: All the fundamentals of the Canadian economy are good. It’s not the time to do anything new, wild or stupid.”

Alberta Content: Daveberta's Alberta candidate list, and Straight Outta Edmonton profiles Edmonton Centre.

Conservative Battle Cry: "The Liberals will destroy the economy!"

Liberal Battle Cry: "The Conservatives will destroy the economy!"

NDP Battle Cry: "Dude - we totally don't have a deal with the marijuana party...woah man, look at our poll numbers."

Bloc Battle Cry: "The Bloc Quebecois are here to protect Canadian culture!"

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  • here comes the CPC majority

    By Blogger Unknown, at 10:20 a.m.  

  • I still would bet against a Con majority. Green support is soft, the Bloc are holding up in Quebec.

    The thing is this time out, the Lib call for progressives to vote for them to stop a Harper majority just isn´t credible after watching them abstain and support Harper´s agenda. We all know it will be more of the same if Harper gets a minority, the Liberals will navel gaze and have another leadership contest while the Cons do whatever they want. If you really want to slow Harper down the NDP and the Bloc are the way to stragically vote this time out.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:54 p.m.  

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