Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Platform Leaked

In case you missed it, the Liberal platform has been leaked. While the Liberals have apparently been quite sloppy keeping it secret, every indication is that this is the work of the elusive Liberal mole.

While there's a certain "what goes around, comes around"ness to all of this, whoever is leaking this stuff has clearly crossed the line. It's one thing to be openly critical of Martin and his regime as a lot of the former Chretien crowd have been. But when you have a job in the war room to help the Liberals win the election, it's just petty and nasty to be sabotaging your own team. Like betting on baseball, this is the sort of thing that just shouldn't be done, no matter how bitter this person(s) is to Martin and his gang.

Hopefully they'll figure out who's behind this so that we don't have to worry about this person working on future election campaigns (ditto for Herle, Reid, and Duffy).


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