Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Asymmetrical Advertising

The Liberals have released their campaign slogan, "Choose Your Canada". It's OK, but with Paul Martin's emphasis on asymmetrical federalism, it would make more sense for the Liberals to come up with a different slogan for each province.

Courtesy of the Liberal mole, I've received a draft of the province-by-province slogans the Liberal party plans to unveil this weekend:

Newfoundland: "Just like Danny Williams, Paul isn't very big on flying the Canadian flag either."

Nova Scotia: (I could not obtain a copy of this slogan since the original one has been rejected and will not be used. However, it may still make an appearance on the Liberal website early next week.)

PEI: "We are firmly committed to delivering...what? There are only four seats? Screw this."

New Brunswick: "A Harper defeat is the only way for you to get rid of Bernard Lord as your Premier."

Quebec: "You wouldn't even have the Bloc if it wasn't for Jean Lapierre; show the man some respect."

Ontario: "Stephen Harper! BOGETY BOGETY BOO!"

Manitoba: "Remember Louis..."

Saskatchewan: "Ralph Goodale: The Finance Minister of choice for 7 out of 10 income trust traders."

Alberta: "Bite Me!"

British Columbia: "Dude, we've promised to decriminalize pot for three years. Yeah, we haven't got around to it, but you know how hard it is to remember to do stuff."

Territories: "Yeah, our Kyoto plan is a joke. But can you honestly say you're against global warming?"


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