Saturday, December 03, 2005

Prediction By Committee

The off-beat election pool is now closed; thanks to the 40-50 people who signed up. Be sure to pass on any stories about candidates for the major parties bringing up abortion, Belinda in TV ads, or nominees for the most vicious attack ad of the campaign.

Out of curiosity, I added up the totals of all the entries for certain questions to see what the general concensus was. Here's how this blog's readers think some key races will break down:

Will the Liberals win a seat in Alberta?
71% Yes

Obviously, people have a lot of faith in Ted Haney...

Conservative support in Quebec?
62% feel they will be under 9% of the popular vote

Who will have the most vicious attack ad?
Liberals 78%, Conservatives 17%, one vote each for the NDP and BQ

The BQ is actually a pretty good prediction for this one...

Who will win Ottawa Centre?
55% say Liberals, 36% say NDP

Heddy versus Svend
73% think Svend will steal this one

Will the BQ reach 60 seats?
59% say Oui

Will Marc Garneau win?
56% say yes

Will Allan Cutler win?
46% say yes

Will Olivia Chow win?
60% say yes

Will Jean Lapierre hang on?
46% say yes

Hopefully no one will forget how they vote in this one...

Will Belinda appear in national Liberal TV ads?
55% say yes

Monte Solberg - Over/Under 75%
42% say over

Which party will win the most seats?
63% say Liberals

Most Accurate Polling Firm:
Ipsos-Reid 32%
SES 20%
Strategic Counsil 13%
Environics 10%
Decima 10%
Ekos 10% (Ekos?)
Pollara 2%
Leger 2%

Feel free to elaborate on any of the questions in the comments section bellow. There certainly didn't appear to be concensus...