Monday, September 25, 2006

Call Me Hedy

For those wondering what benefit Hedy Fry's endorsement will give to the Bob Rae campaign, consider this:

Not a single respondent chose Fry [in the poll].

"There were over 3,000 opportunities for people to pick her (as first,
second or third choice)," said Graves.

"She literally got zero. I have never seen that in over 20 years of


  • In other Liberal Leadership news, the deafening hail of popping champagne corks was heard in the PMO this morning.

    By Blogger Neo Conservative, at 2:35 p.m.  

  • Here's a question.. .why has every person who dropped out of the campaign so far endorsed Rae?

    I mean, one or two is normal, but for all three of the three current drop-outs to support Rae? Why hasn't anyone gone to Dion or Kennedy??

    Its just a question that's puzzling me.

    By Blogger SouthernOntarioan, at 3:27 p.m.  

  • To be fair CalgaryGrit, the poll didn't ask Liberal members from outside Ontario / Quebec who they supported right? And so, if her base of support is in BC, then that makes a lot of sense? The same goes for Brison in Atlantic Canada, etc.

    By Blogger Skip, at 3:29 p.m.  

  • Probably because they think he's the best of all the candidates? Or is that not skeptical or cynical enough a response? :)

    By Blogger Skip, at 3:29 p.m.  

  • You're saying that Fry supporting Rae is a good thing, right? That Rae's scorecard doesn't actually read "plus two, minus one"?

    By Blogger Paul, at 3:40 p.m.  

  • For some reason Rae's team has worked effectively with potential drop outs.

    He is well financed, through his brother, and perhaps can assist with covering the cost of a failing campaign in return for an endorsement.

    Having all three withdrawn candidates endorse Rae creates an impression of momentum and is probably not a coincidence.

    By Blogger Down & Out in L A, at 3:44 p.m.  

  • Fry is obviously not a huge pick-up, but the fact that all three drop-outs have gone to Rae does seem to suggest:

    1. Rae has momentum
    2. Rae is a popular second choice
    3. Rae is the percieved front-runner

    By Blogger Matthew, at 3:47 p.m.  

  • I'm not likng what I am seeing over at Cerberus.

    Hopefully, it's not true that Chretienites are supporting Rae and Martinites are supporting Ignatieff.

    None of the above is starting to look very good.

    By Blogger Down & Out in L A, at 4:02 p.m.  

  • And check out this link

    Kennedy to Move to Rae on later ballots ???

    By Blogger Down & Out in L A, at 4:21 p.m.  

  • well to be fair

    McCallum wanted to run, chose not to and supported Ignatieff

    David McGuinty...same

    Ruby Dhalla...same

    Paul Zed...same

    Denis Coderre...same

    in retrospect a 16 candidate race with those 5 going to ignatieff come september would have made this an even bigger gong show.

    By Blogger Antonio, at 5:10 p.m.  

  • Antonio - To be fair - none of those people were ever seriously going to run.

    Aside from the polling of 2nd choices for individual Liberals, it would seem that of the remaining candidates, everyone - with the exception of Brison - is more likely to drop to Rae than to Iggy when it comes down to it (though in fairness I would think Dryden could probably go either way).

    By Blogger Prairie Fire, at 6:45 p.m.  

  • Congrats to Bob for picking up the support of yet another candidate who had no chance at all.

    By Blogger IslandLiberal, at 6:58 p.m.  

  • Why has every person who dropped out of the campaign so far endorsed Rae?

    Power Corporation.

    That is all.

    By Blogger Loyalist, at 7:05 p.m.  

  • If they had asked people from BC, and they happened to have phoned Hedy personally, they might have found the one Liberal who was supporting her!

    By Blogger yyclaw, at 7:09 p.m.  

  • uzurper; I'm not sure the location of Hedy's "base of support" would have made much difference here.

    But, yeah, Brison might have a fair beef with the Gregg poll for excluding Atlantic Canada and any candidates doing well out West should be peeved about this one.

    By Blogger calgarygrit, at 7:53 p.m.  

  • Stop whatever you are doing and go read Rick Mercer's blog. Probably the FUNNIEST post I have ever read!!!

    Also, I am almost positive Harper is paying Volpe to stay in the race... who else agrees?

    By Blogger Riley Hennessey, at 7:59 p.m.  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger GhostBusters, at 10:03 p.m.  


    The BIG question of the day is whose supporters were the GHOSTS chasing Joe Volpe today after his press conference about campaign tactics. See here:

    As Paul Wells put it at :

    “He shook visibly from fear, all the way, and well he should: if we had found out who sent him to do his anonymous work, it might well have stopped that person's leadership campaign in its tracks.”

    Well, here is your guy. None other than:

    Special Assistant,
    Maurizio Bevilacqua,
    Member of Parliament, Vaughan

    Richard is also the hapless author of who was dumb enough to post pictures of him and his moronic cohort in costume BEFORE the cameras trained on Volpe as he exited.

    Here is a picture of Richard so you can compare it to the file footage of Paul Wells jumping up on Wellington Street and ripping off his mask to uncover everything but his eyes.

    Maurizio Bevilacqua, if you remember, is BOB RAEs Campaign Co-Chair, remember:

    So the low tone of the current campaign has claimed another victim here. Did Zussman and partner go on their own accord to the conference or were they ON ORDERS of the Bob Rae Campaign and their boss MAURIZIO BEVILACQUA.

    Maybe they should tell us.

    By Blogger GhostBusters, at 10:04 p.m.  

  • It doesn't matter if the poll left out BC, when asking about Fry!

    In some ways, she is to BC as Rae is to Ontario....

    Now, do you suppose any of the candidates is wining and dining Volpe as we speak??

    I'd laugh, but it would be mean spirited...

    By Blogger Penny, at 10:07 p.m.  

  • Ghostbusters,

    Somehow, I don't think that someone like Richard Zussman is going to go after Volpe in a bedsheet. Moreover, I can't seem to find any pictures or proof or anything. Lastly, why would Rae's campaign "order" people to do something like that - I mean, what on earth would they gain from doing it? It simply doesn't make any sense to me, but perhaps you would be so kind as to enlighten me?

    By Blogger Skip, at 12:53 a.m.  

  • Uzurper:

    The pictures are easy to find.

    Google "Richard Zussman Queens" and follow the links to the pictures.

    Compare to the news clips.

    Slam Dunk.

    I hope for Rae's sake this guy comes clean and admits that it was all his own idea.

    I'd hate to think that the Rae campaign had anything to do with this.

    By Blogger Down & Out in L A, at 2:46 a.m.  

  • Here is a picture for you to look at. Go take a look at A7 in the Toronto Star, I am standing in the background wearing a silver tie. That picture was taken at the same time that the ghosts would be getting tehir bed sheets ready.

    I had nothing to do with the ghosts yesterday. I was at the press conference and walked out and took a picture of the ghosts. Please stop spreading lies about me. I have no idea who the ghosts were.

    By Blogger Richard, at 10:55 a.m.  

  • By Blogger Unknown, at 9:48 p.m.  

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