Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Merry Chrismas!



  • I,m having a hard time deciding what's funnier. The party of multi-cultural sensitivity screwing up their Aboriginal headline or the next article featuring some bitching from Steven MacKinnon about the unfairness of the accountability act.

    I see "nothing untoward" about the effect the accountability act may have on the LPC convention in the same way Steven saw "nothing untoward" about Volpe accepting thousands from 11 year olds.

    Kharma is a wonderfull thing to watch!!


    By Blogger syncrodox, at 9:57 p.m.  

  • Thanks C-Grit, for the update.

    By Blogger berlynn, at 10:17 p.m.  

  • are aborgibals just another cover for the growing borg collective?

    By Blogger Manley Man, at 1:50 a.m.  

  • I totally match with everything you've written.

    By Anonymous, at 1:43 p.m.  

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