Friday, March 06, 2009

This Week in Alberta - It's Miller Time!

Judy Wilson is out and Rick Miller is in as David Swann's new Chief of Staff. I don't know Judy well, but I welcome this move.

I got to know Rick when he was my MLA for the two years I spent up in Edmonton, and I could immediately tell he was is a guy who has political sense oozing out of his ears. As a former caucus whip and party president, he understands the party and he understands politics so I expect him to steer Swann in a more pragmatic direction than the new ALP leader might otherwise be inclined to wander.


My good friend Rob Anders will be facing, yet another, nomination battle. There were some wild schenanigans last time around so hopefully this turns into a fair fight - Anders was nearly knocked off by in 2004 when the vote went several ballots, so defeating him isn't impossible.

Calgary lawyer Donna Kennedy-Glans, who has started a campaign to vie for Calgary West MP Rob Anders' Conservative nomination, said today she can take whatever names Anders throws at her.

He calls her a "bona fide Liberal." She says she's been a Conservative longer than Anders.

"I fully expected he would call me something. I'm just glad he hasn't called me a feminist lawyer yet," Kennedy-Glans quipped.

"Feminist lawyer," are words Anders used in December 2003 to describe Alberta's Justice Minister Alison Redford, who was then trying to claim the federal Tory nomination from him.


It's not only Liberals who are considering a name change! The Alberta Greens are also mulling over a name change. In the interests of helping them out, I've taken the liberty of suggesting a few alternatives you can vote on:

What Should the Alberta Greens Call Themselves?
The Gold Party
The Purple Party
The Hot Pink Party
The Mauve Party
The Taupe Party
The Chartreuse Party
See Results

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