Saturday, December 23, 2006

Festivus News Basket

1. On the nomination front, there's more buzz about a Trudeau run, Christy Clark in Vancouver Centre, and the rumour is that Anne McLellan will shortly announce plans not to run in the next election.

2. Today's Globe article has a few interesting nuggets on the Liberals' election campaign:
-There's talk of a 308 riding strategy
-Kennedy has a quote on the importance of winning seats in the West
-Mark Marissen and Nancy Girard, the party's Quebec vice-president, will be the campaign co-chairs
-A focus on local platforms such as the Made in BC and Made in Alberta policy documents we saw during the last election

3. Susan Delacourt has a fun little Christmas Carol in today's Star.

4. This Decima poll has some interesting snap shots of what Canadians think of the new Liberal leader.


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