Monday, November 08, 2010

Julian Fantino's Greatest Hits

Over on his blog, Stephen Taylor takes a few shots at the grits by election candidate in Vaughan, Tony Genco. Here's a summary of Taylor's damning criticism:

1. Genco doesn't mention Ignatieff in his brochure. "Is Genco relying more on the Liberal brand which is likely polling higher than the Ignatieff brand in Vaughan??" asks Taylor.

2. Genco tagged a twitter post on Ken Dryden with a #MapleLeafs hash tag.

3. Genco tweeted that 1200 people were at his kick-off rally on Thursday, whereas a local paper pegged the number at 250.

Ouch. I tell ya, we're getting into busty hookers and cocaine territory on the scandal-meter. Incorrect Twitter tags! Exaggerated figures from a rally! Next thing you know, we'll find out Genco booked too small a room for an event so that the crowd would look bigger than it was! Scandal!'s the thing. Even Taylor's trivial accusations are plain wrong.

First off, point 1 - Genco isn't mentioning Iggy. Well, take a look at Fantino's brochure. No matter how hard you look, there are two people you won't find in it - Waldo, and Stephen Harper.

Point 2, hashtaggate - Genco hash tagged #MapleLeafs on a tweet about Ken Dryden. As I'm sure Stephen Harper's hockey book will mention, Dryden was Leafs president for 7 years.

Finally, point 3 - that Genco over estimated a crowd at his rally. Well, the Vaughan Citizen reported 1000 people at the rally. And Glenn Beck reported 45,000 were there to cheer on Genco. So, all in all, an estimate of 1200 isn't preposterous.

UPDATE: Taylor responds. Harper does appear on some Tory campaign literature...though he's not really any more prominent than Gilles Duceppe.

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