Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Man Government

Why don't we just declare Stephen Harper "supreme emperor" and get it over with already?

OTTAWA–Ottawa's financial watchdog says she won't go along with draft government rules that she says would undermine the independence of officers of Parliament like herself.

Auditor-General Sheila Fraser found allies yesterday who condemned the Conservative proposal, which could mean that Parliament's officers must vet their public statements through a wing of the Prime Minister's Office, as an unprecedented attack on the independence of the officers, who are supposed to work at arm's length.

The draft proposal would lump in Fraser, along with other officers of Parliament such as the head of Elections Canada, and the privacy, information and ethics commissioners with all other government departments and demand they get high-level approval before speaking out.

At least the Tories recognize that picking a fight with the incredible Hulk of Canadian politics (you wouldn't want to see her angry...) isn't a good move and decided to quickly backtrack/clarify their position.

In the same vein, here's part of Liberal MP Mike Savage's question in the House today:

The Prime Minister is often compared to George Bush. His role model (however) may be a different republican.

Just like Richard Nixon – it’s very clear that the Prime Minister has an enemies list:

• Bernard Shapiro, GONE
• Jean-Pierre Kingsley, GONE
• John Reid, GONE
• Jean-Guy Fleury, GONE
• Yves Cote, GONE
• Art Carty, GONE
• Linda Keen , GONE
• Adrian Measner, GONE,
• Johanne Gélinas, GONE
• Yves Le Bouthillier, GONE
• Mark Warner, and Brent Barr, former Conservative candidates GONE

Te Enemies List now includes Elections Canada.

Mr. Speaker, we know the Prime Minister loves power, we want to know why he hates HIS own government.

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