Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And the Nominees are...

Yes, yes, Ellen Page and the girl from Road to Avonlea got Oscar nominations. Well, La-de-da. The more exciting nomination news to be announced yesterday was for the Canadian Blog Awards. While I doubt I will be much of a match for the Small Dead Animals vote-stacking machine or the Daveberta facebook group in the race for top blog, it's an honour just to be nomina...what's that? Oh... Regardless, I did snag nominations in two categories, and I encourage everyone to go vote for me for best political blog and best progressive blog. Remember, if you were nominated, I would vote for you!

Go Vote

Other blogs I like who got nominations:

Best Blog: Daveberta. Vote Daveberta and piss off Ed Stelmach!

New Blog: Uncorrected Proofs and Danielle Takacs (but, god, the colour scheme burns my eyes!)

Non-Partisan Blog: Bow. James Bow

Best Local Blog: Miss 604, of Test the Nation fame.

Best Religious Blog: Jordon Cooper


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