Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Race Is On

Sure, sure. Romney and Clinton win Nevada, while McCain exorcises his demons in South Carolina. But who cares? The real race, as I see it, is the epic battle shaping up between former "front runner" Rudy Giuliani and...Ron Paul? Here are the results to date:

Iowa - edge Ron
Rudy 4%
Ron 10%

Wyoming - draw
Rudy 0%
Ron 0%

New Hampshire - edge Rudy
Rudy 9%
Ron 8%

Michigan - edge Ron
Rudy 3%
Ron 6%

Nevada - edge Ron
Rudy 4%
Ron 14%

South Carolina - edge Ron
Rudy 2%
Ron 4%

And, in the ever important delegate count, Ron holds down fifth place with 6 pledged delegates, compared to Rudy' Oh, and that only leaves Rudy tied for sixth place on the delegate count with Duncan Hunter who picked up a delegate in Wyoming.

In fairness, Rudy's strategy was always to suck as much as possible at the first few (fifty?) primaries so I'm fairly confident he'll be able to overtake Ron Paul by the end of this thing.

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