Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great Moments in Spin II

If I'm going to hit Stelmach, I guess it's only fair to hit his nemesis too. From Mayor Dave Bronconnier's letter to Calgarians:

"Until Thursday, April 19, I was hoping to be able to send you a list of the much-needed infrastructure projects The City of Calgary would be fast-tracking, projects that would have enabled us to begin catching up with a level of growth never before experienced by a Canadian City.

The list would have included beginning the west and southeast new lines of the LRT; more police, fire and EMS services; more buses and CTrain cars, widening and repairing roads; more parks upgrades and maintenance; more parks rec centres and sports facilities."

So...a feud over strings being put on 85 million dollars has cost the city billions and billions of dollars of projects. Uh-huh. Bronco should just have gone all out and continued:

"The list would also have included filling every pothole in the city, the abolition of municipal taxes, instantaneous snow removal, paving the streets in gold, a chocolate fountain in every backyard, and a first line centre for the Flames..."

[Full disclaimer: I'm doing some data analysis for a rival mayoral campaign.]

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