Sunday, May 27, 2007

Free Alberta

Since fringe parties and fringe movements are one of my personal political interests, I was, of course, overjoyed to come across the Free Alberta website. While I'm hesitant to direct any traffic to their site and boost their google ad revenue, there are just too many great things on this website to pass up posting a link. Among the highlights:

-You'll learn lots of interesting facts. For example, did you know that none of Alberta's elected Senators have ever been appointed to the Senate? Did you know that mad cow disease was caused by federal government protectionism? Did you know global warming isn't real?

-Alberta suffers from "taxation without representation". Why? Because the province is not as populated as Ontario or Quebec so they get less seats than them in the House.

-In the history section you'll learn about historical grievances (like the NEP), Pierre Elliott Trudeau (who brought in the NEP), the history of secession (due to the NEP), guessed it...the NEP!

-In the debt section, you'll learn that Alberta's wealth is not due to oil. Why is this? Because even when oil prices were low in 1999, Alberta didn't have a deficit. And, because Don Getty ran up deficits, it proves that Alberta's wealth is not because of oil.

-One reason Albertans should separate is because cruelty to animal legislation may make it illegal to shoot rats at the Alberta border. Another reason? Because a bill which proposes to make hate speech illegal.

-Gun ownership is a "right" in Canada. Why? Because "firearms are property, and ownership of firearms is no different than ownership of other property".

-We need to have an elected Senate! However, a "Triple E Senate will not protect Albertans from Ottawa".

-In the polls section, you can vote on the currency of a future independent Alberta. Among the options: Euro, Gold, Swiss Franc, or commodity basket.

-These guys have a huge man-crush on Colby Cosh.

(hat tip to the blog I saw this on two weeks ago...but, alas, forget which one it was)



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