Monday, April 30, 2007

"By now, we've got to get used to Ralphisms"

Just when you thought the guy was gone for good, Ralph Klein in back in the news:

However, Klein said Sunday that people misheard him during his heavily improvised three-minute speech. He had actually been speaking about a protected parks area near Rocky Mountain House from which a documentary film crew was banned. As premier, he intervened.

"I recall my executive assistant coming to me and saying, 'You know, the natives have been drinking there for years and years there, why can't we shoot a film there,'" he told the crowd, according a recording by CHUM-TV.

Ralph, however, has come up with a very reasonable defense:

Former premier Ralph Klein firmly denied reports he slurred natives at an awards banquet this weekend, insisting he had referred to people drinking water, not alcohol.

Ahhh...that explains it.

He also took the opportunity to explain his famous BSE flap when he said ranchers should "shoot, shovel and shut up", by saying he meant "ranchers should shoot...movies. Near where those natives drink...water."



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