Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two Quick Hits

Both courtesy of Kinsella,

1. Some scary musings about Harper considering constitutional reform and a massive decentralization of power.

2. Howard Dean will be the keynote speaker Wednesday night at the Liberal convention. Since I'm a day late, the obvious "we're going to Regina, then Calgary, then Quebec...YEEHAW!" and "third straight American speaker" jokes have already been taken. Personally, I'm looking forward to listening to Dean and a party which has constantly used a "2 province strategy" could probably learn something from his "50 state strategy".

And it's not a bad move by Dean himself considering what's happened to the last two keynote speakers before him. Bono spoke in 2003 and went on to win Person of the Year. In 2005, this Harvard professor who had never held political office spoke and a year later he was the frontrunner to be leader of the Liberal Party. So there might be good things on the horizon for Doctor Dean.


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