Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ed Stelmach Profile

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Before I get to my Ed Stelmach profile, this is certainly newsworthy:

Starting next fall, the outgoing premier will lecture and tutor in media studies at Mount Royal College, but in a digital environment far different from the one he experienced as a broadcast journalist in the 1970s.

Students in this class are reminded that Professor Ralph will most likely have a very lax plagiarism policy...

Ed Stelmach
(Ed's Blog)

Ed's Platform: Needless to say, it's looking a little thin so far. To put it into perspective, the privacy policy on Ed's site is lengthier than his campaign policy.

In 30 words or less: A well liked, competent guy. Not overly exciting but, hey, who is in this race? Think Ralph Goodale.

Ed's History: First elected in Vegreville-Viking in 1993 when he defeated the NDP incumbent. This was remarkable for the fact that there was an NDP incumbent in Vegreville. Since 1997, he's served as Minister of Agriculture, Infrastructure, Transportation and Intergovernmental Afairs.

Ed on Emissions: Haven't seen Ed weigh in on this issue yet.

Stelmach's Backers: Has 8 MLA endorsements, which leaves him a distant, but strong, second to Jim Dinning. Iris Evans is the most high profile of the bunch.

Can he win? Would be the logical Anybody But Dinning candidate if he makes it to the final three ballot.

My Take: Stelmach is one of those guys whose name I've seen in the paper a lot but I'd have a very hard time putting a face to his name or naming anything he's done. In all honesty, he's probably the best choice for the Tories and if I were your typical Tory, I'd probably be voting for the guy.

(Thanks again to Hatrock for the South Park images)


  • Bart, I think you're right. Stelmach will be the only "anybody but Dinning" choice after the first ballot, as I doubt the Hancock and Norris voters will flock to Oberg or Morton. I think his campaign has been geared toward being everyone's favourite 2nd preferential choice on the second ballot and could put him past Dinning.

    I've met Ed. Very nice man, strong Ukrainian roots, which I like. Not currently my first choice though.

    By Blogger Hatrock, at 12:55 p.m.  

  • Interesting. My uncle sold me a membership based on the assumption I'd vote for Ed (wrong, I'd go for Morton first, more energy, but I need a membership to vote, so...).

    Food for thought.

    By Blogger Candace, at 1:06 a.m.  

  • Hi....just a comment on today's news....about the young man who took your name site...I think you should take it with a smile...he outsmarted you....you should buy the site from him and not try to bully him out of it...we are not a bullying society....and as he is that smart...maybe pay him one year university for the site and then hire him......he is very smart....ty...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:20 a.m.  

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