Thursday, June 08, 2006

He's a Big Canadian Idol Fan

From today's Globe, it appears Brian Mulroney has developed quite the fan club:

Seoul — In times of political hardship, which occur often these days for South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, the embattled politician takes inspiration from the boy from Baie-Comeau. The President consoled officials in his ruling Uri party last week after crushing defeats in local elections by citing the example of Brian Mulroney.

Like the former Canadian prime minister, Mr. Roh is pushing for a new goods and services tax in his own country, despite opposition from most residents and his political rivals.

Mr. Roh praised Mr. Mulroney as the man who saved Canada with the GST. According to JoongAng Daily, Mr. Roh paid tribute to Mr. Mulroney during a meeting with government officials after his party won only one of 16 races for mayoral and governor seats.

The article, featuring a prominent photo of Mr. Mulroney, is followed a few pages later by a scathing editorial with the former Canadian prime minister as a cartoon character.

"Mr. Roh seems to think of Mr. Mulroney whenever he meets a crisis," Lee Chul-ho wrote. "Why does the President choose wicked people as role models?"

Hat Tip: A BCer in Toronto


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