Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Nominees

I'll resist the urge to post a satirical press release ("Martin promises 40 billion over 40 years for childcare!") to look at the nominees for the Canadian Blog Awards in several categories. If nothing else, this will give me an opportunity to comment on a few of the better blogs out there.

Best Blog
The Accordion Guy was first in round 1 of voting, with this blog coming in second. While I don't want to say the Accordion Guy hates Canada, I've looked through his archives and can't find a post where he explicitly says he loves Canada. I find this extremely troubling because I LOVE CANADA!!!! J'AIME LE CANADA!!!!

Seriously, while I haven't visited his blog much, it does look very good. That said, if there's one blog that can lose the country, it's Calgary Grit.

The Snub: Inkless Wells should have won this one, hands down.

Best Progressive Blog
Stageleft and Capitalist Pig vs Socialist Swine are both blogs I enjoy. Pig versus Swine, in particular, is always entertaining and just an all around fun blog to read.

The Snub: I'm really surprised last year's winner, POGGE wasn't nominated here. Sinister Thoughts is also a good one I would have liked to see nominated.

Best Conservative Blog
While Monte deserves props for "confidence vote blogging", this one will go to, and should go to, Bound by Gravity. On top of running one of the net's top blogs, Andrew recently called it quits so, like the sitcom that wins in its final year, I think this one will be a slam dunk.

The Snub: Stephen Taylor has done a lot for the blogging community and deserved to be at least nominated for this one.

Best Humour Blog
I was on the fence for this one but after reading Rick Mercer today, he's got my vote:

[Belinda] was at the Canadian Club yesterday and she defended joining my government by saying “It’s not where you sit it’s where you stand!”Not a bad line!

Personally I think she should have said what I told her to say:“Well the thing is, well, umm standing and sitting are of course, entirely different… and umm therefore when I went into public life I was er...committing to a course of action that involved sitting down for what is right unless of course standing was required which is a position that I have always held.”

Best Culture Blog
Usually when blogs drift away from politics and begin talking about the personal interests of the blogger, I quickly change the channel. But James Bow is always worth reading - it amazes me how he can come up with a lengthy, well organized post nearly every day.

Best Personal Blog
How can I not stick up for a fellow Alberta Liberal? I encourage everyone to go all out and stack the box for the always entertaining Daveberta.

Best Media Blog
This one will, rightly so, come down to a clash between Paul Wells and Antonia Zerbisias. Both would be worthy winners, as would Kelly Nestruck.

Best Business Blog
I'll vote for TDH Strategies here, even though it's not really a business blog. I think Jonathan may be on to something however...if I flame out in the finals this year, I may try and sneak into the "best religious blog" next year.

Best Religious Blog
Speaking of which, I don't read many of these, but I've always enjoyed Jordon Cooper, so he gets my vote here.

Best Blog Post
Paul Well's "Schoolyard" post was good enough for the PMO to spoof it. I'd also like to see Buckets win something, so this could be his category.

So, be sure to get out and vote. Preferably for this blog.


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