Tuesday, March 22, 2005

From the Horse’s Mouth

Here’s what Conservative bloggers are writing about their convention:

Monte Solberg:
“Reports circulated through the Conservative Convention on Friday that Stephen Harper had "kicked" a chair sometime during the afternoon. PMO spokesman Scott Reid said that this is proof that Harper has a hidden agenda, "if Harper was elected Prime Minister none of your furniture would be safe. If he'll kick a chair he wouldn't hesitate to put his feet on your coffee table!"Sofa Chaise-Armoire, President of Women for Furniture said Harper's treatment of the chair was, "scary" and called on Harper to apologize for his "senseless attack" etc. etc.”

All Things Canadian:
“Watching the coverage, it struck me that Elsie Wayne, one of the two speakers opposed to the resolution, was so emotional and was attacking Morgentaler. She might have polarized the delegates and allowed that resolution to pass meaning P-94, a late term abortion resolution, did not see the floor. For people wanting to see some abortion legislation, having Elsie speak might have been a big mistake.”

Blue Perspective
“Although I wasn't happy with every policy that was adopted in Montreal, I was happy with the way things turned out at the CPC convention. The whole 'hidden agenda' rhetoric will not have any traction next time around, Harper got a resounding vote of confidence and I think he deserved it; he's accomplished a lot in a short period of time.”

Adam Dafillah
“Also, I very much felt that there were still two parties there: the old federal PCs and the Alliance. Votes on policy resolutions and constitutional amendments -- such as the one on the youth wing -- divived along the old party lines. You didn't see a lot of former federal PCs mingling with former Reformers/Alliance types in the hallways. The new party still has some gelling to do.”

Burkean Canuck
“The giant video screens and the dynamic graphic displays were a bold stroke, and the rest of the platform, though spare, made for a "clean" look that drew the eye to the podium and video graphics. Um, "Bravo!" (Well, we were in Montreal). And there were truckloads of money spent on hospitality suites by the Western Standard and the Renewable Fuels Association, Belinda Stronach, and several others”


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