Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Full Monte

The latest buzz to hit the blogsphere is of Monte Solberg's controversial post from last weekend which you can read here. Jim Elve and TDH Strategies both have well thought out takes on the "controversy". My view? I don't think the post in question is funny. I don't think it's clever. And I can see how it could be considered offensive. But I'm inclined to go easy on Monte for this one. For starters, every Liberal who has ever met him has nothing but nice things to say about the guy. And he generally comes across as being less...what's the word..."insane", than most of the neanderthals in his caucus.

But my main reason for going easy is that Monte is trying to write a blog worth reading. I'm sure everyone remembers the horrors of PaulMartinTimes, likely the most boring blog ever produced in the history of the Internet. It's pretty obvious that Paul's blog, and every other politician's blog, are all written by 17 year old staffers:

"It was a great day on the campaign trail today. I feel we're making momentum and the response has been fantastic! Everyone I go, people are encouraging me! It's tough, the long hours, I miss watching (insert hip TV show of day), but it's worth it to talk about the issues."

At the very least, Solberg writes his own blog, puts a bit of bite into it and he tries to be funny. The problem is, when you try to be funny, sooner or latter you'll piss someone off.

So, I for one hope Monte keeps blogging.


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