Friday, January 07, 2005


Courtesy of Tom Olsen, here are the number of days missed during last spring's 43 day legislative session by Alberta MLAs. So who were the worst truants?

Ken Nicol, Lib 23 (announced retirement in January to run federally)
Marlene Graham, PC 16 (retired)
Hung Pham, PC 15
Moe Amery, PC 11
Ralph Klein, PC 11
Gary Masyk, PC 10 (defeated)
Lyle Oberg, PC 10
Judy Gordon, PC 10 (retired)

It should be noted that both NDP MLAs get a certificate for perfect attendance. Obviously, attendance isn't everything but it further shows what a joke it was that Hung Pham and Moe Amery were re-elected in Calgary this November. They are two of the absolute worst MLAs in the province and these numbers only reinforce that perception.


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