Thursday, January 06, 2005

Don't Let The Door Hit You...

2005 is off to a great start! Given that Paul Cellucci never spoke ill of Canada, I will bite my tongue and not criticize the rodent as he departs. I will also hold off on any criticism of Tucker Carlson who, along with Crossfire, is exiting stage right. Boy, all I need is for Danny Williams to resign and this will be the best...week...ever.

Speaking of Cellucci, it looks like Frank McKenna will take over as Canada's US Ambassador. You'll remember that filling this post was very important in December...of 2003...when Paul Martin offered it to another leadership contender, John Manley. Now, I don't know what Frank McKenna's long-term goals are, but I do know that if I were considering a run at Liberal Party leadership, I would definitely not want to take this job, given the relatively few potential Liberal delegates living in Washington DC.


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