Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas

Not sure how many updates I'll put up over the holidays because, even without the NHL, there are other things that need to be done. It's been a busy year politically and we can all use the break. Two things before I hit the eggnog:

1. Paul Wells picked up on my post bellow vis-a-vis the leadership vote. I encourage anyone who knows anything about the funny business to drop him an e-mail about it. I, for the most part, agree that the party can't afford a leadership contest right now and that we're better off going into the next election united. And there's really nothing for Martin to worry about since most of those who would vote against him have even been driven out, have quit the party in frustration, or are quietly sitting on their hands. Of course, there was no need to restrict membership forms and strong-arm the competition during the last leadership race since it was in the bag, and that didn't stop him. So there might be something more than problems at Canada Post behind the missing membership review forms.

2. With Ralph Klein soon retiring, it appears he's groomed a successor as "most irritating Premier". This guy needs to seriously grow up. Lowering Canadian flags? How can people see this as anything other than a shameless stunt to play the "us versus Ottawa" card and get Richie Rich re-elected. Nova Scotia's Premier is doing the right thing by negociating and trying to get the best deal for his province. Williams owes that much to his province, regardless on what may or may not have been promised.


  • I agree that this is no time to be trying to go through a leadership change. We are better off for the time being with what we have. You and Kinsella might be be "higher" level party folks with connections, but don't underestimate the veracity of those of us who were forced out at the local levels over the last 10 years. We are not merely sitting on our hands. We will march when the right drum beats again, don't ever forget that - and there are more of us out here than the pundits and maybe you realize.

    Martin and his team of thugs mastered the sabotage of local riding executives and party faithful who did not kiss his ass. That strategy will come back to bite him on his soon enough.

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