Saturday, October 02, 2004

Notes from here and there

-Paul Wells beat me to the punch on this one. This government is trying as hard as it can to not make history. We've had almost every provincial Supreme Court favour gay marriage, what else does Paul want? He already stalled the Supreme Court reference so that it wouldn't be an election issue and awkwardly skated through the campaign, never once stating his personal view on the issue (the courts have spoken). Chretien and Cauchon did everything possible to stack committees and rally members on-side for the Conservative motion in the house but Paul wants nothing to do with it. My guess, the guy is personally opposed to it and genuinely doesn't want to talk about the issue at all.

-The provincial election in Alberta is fast approaching with a November 22nd or 29th vote. I'll post something soon on why I see the Liberals on the way up (but, I mean, let's be realistic, up to feeble opposition status, not the government or anything). For now, I'll say that they have three seats they could win in Calgary. Dave Taylor, a local radio host, is running in a riding where the Tory polls apparently show the Liberals in front. David Swan, who was fired from his job after saying the Kyoto accord might not be such a bad thing has a good chance too and then there's always Calgary Buffalo, which the Liberals held up until the last election.

-Give Kerry round one of the debates. Not because he looked particularity good (for the love of God, just say the Iraq war was BAD!!!) but because Bush looked like a stumbling buffoon. He had some good lines written by his writers but the delivery was really awkward and he just didn't seem in it. And since it was two separate campaign speeches as supposed to a debate, he should have won.

-This is sad. More history than either the Nordiques or the Jets. It's beyond me why Canada can't hang on to its sports franchises.


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