Monday, July 05, 2004

This Week in BLOGS

One week later, it's interesting to see what sort of spin everyone else is puting on the election results.

Freethought: Picks the winners and losers and starts up the first government collapse pool.

Warren Kinsella: After a bit of I told you so, Warren reminds everyone that negative adds work. But anyone who's read Kicking Ass, already knew that, right?

Paul Wells: Some great observations on how Martin should exactly be giddy with excitement over the result.

All Things Canadian
: As always, Don takes the opportunity to trash David Herle.

Andrew Spicer: Talks about the importance of Jack Layton winning his seat and breaking up the Liberal hegemony in Toronto. Also, like myself, is upset Valeri squeaked it out.

James Bow: Reveals the results of the James Bow Election pool. Man, I suck.

Just in from Cowtown: Tells each party why they should be happy with the result.

Living in Society: Matthew gives out the perspective from Belinda's riding.

On the Fence: Scroll down to the 29th and there's some great stuff about the stupid, stupid NDP "strategic" voting which went on.

Peace, Order and Good Government: Not election related, but has some good stuff on DND and Arar.

Revolutionary Moderation: I'm still waiting for the results from this election's most interesting contest but there's some good venting on the NDP results.

Sean Incognito: Sean has a whole wack of comments on the election here. Definitely worth checking out.

The Middleman: In the best line of the post-election coverage, the Middleman Had Sex with a gorgeous hooker.

Vancouver Scrum: Has a great breakdown of what happened in key BC ridings.

Vote out Anders
: Finally, one last link to the gang at Vote out Anders. I noticed the entire Calgary West riding full of their Vote out Anders signs. The riding had the highest turn-out in the city and the Liberal candidate got more votes than any other Liberal candidate in Calgary. Give these guys credit on raising awareness of a terrible MP and for running a spirited campaign.

Browsing through the blogs, there's not a huge concensus out there. I guess when you get "meh" results, it's hard to get a huge concensus. I imagine if Harper had won, the net would be buzzing. As it is, NDP voters seem pretty pissed but everyone else is looking at little points and generally in agreement that no one (save Ducceppe) can really be seen as having "won" or "lost".

My guess is the next election throws us for a majority one way or the other. Should be interesting.


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