Friday, July 02, 2004

On the Healthcare Wagon

Ralph's health care reforms are definitely a lot less scary than anticipated. In effect, it amounts to health premiums and user fees. And a cut in funding.

And this makes them all the more bewildering.

While I'm adamently against private health care, at least the argument can be made that it's something new and might maybe possibly kinda make the system work a little better. Maybe. But these reforms? It's just new taxes.

And it's one thing to add new taxes when you're in an economic mess like Ontario finds itself in right now. It's another when it comes the day after Pat Nelson announced the province has gotten a 3 billion dollar windfall due to higher oil prices than expected. So, for those keeping track, the surplus will be over 7 billion dollars next year. Gosh, is it really so important to control health care spending when you've got a 7 billion dollar surplus (for a province of 3 million)?

Don't get me wrong. Ralph will never lose an election. But I think he's going to get a bit of a wake up call this fall. Both the Liberals and NDP have very capable leaders and Ralph has really been looking bad over the past few months. Look for a strongly reduced majority.


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