Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Random Election Thoughts

Biggest Disappointment: Tony Valeri wins his seat. CBC projected
Valeri to lose it early in the evening and I let out a cheer. But, sure
enough he came back to take a squeaker. Stan Keyes, however, did fall - after spending years complaining about how he lost votes because of Chretien. Regardless, there were obviously some bad feelings left around from the Copps fiasco in Hamilton and I'm fairly sure Sheila would have taken the riding had she run as an independent. Just so people don’t think I’m taking joy in every Liberal losing, I was upset to see Bob Speller and Glenn Murray go down in defeat. As for David Pratt, good riddance.

Falling Stars: The nomination double standard didn't help Bill
Cunningham, John Bethel, and even David Emerson had a tough time. In fact, the staunch Martin advisors/organizers had a terrible night - in addition to Billy C and Johnny B, Richard Mahoney and Denis Dawson were taken out. Oh, and David Herle's sister lost too.

Falling Stars 2
: Glen Murray is obviously having second thoughts this
morning. And boy, I was shocked to see Tony Clement hit the ground so
hard. Even Belinda barely pulled it off. As a word of advice to Stephen
Harper - this woman is a godsend to you. Use her at every opportunity to show the softer side of the Tories on social issues.

Why we shouldn't read too much into one poll: The Marxist-Lenninists
were winning a seat early on last night. Unfortunantly, it was short
lived...if only they could unify with the Communists and unite the far

Cabinet Making: I think Ken Dryden would make an excellent Minister of Heritage and I hear the post is open. I imagine Emerson will take over for Stan Keyes in revenue. Stephane Dion has to get back into cabinet, there’s no other way around it. The biggest question will be whether or not he’s joined by Jean Lapierre. Smart money says they both make Cabinet but Dion gets a much more important post.

Time Zone: Is there any chance the Liberal upswing in BC was due to the results being revealed early? After the Maritimes came in and it looked good for the Libs, did BC voters jump on the bandwagon?

Albertan View: Boy, Alberta is pissed today. Pissed at Klein. Pissed at Ontario. Pissed at everyone.

Liberal Media: If anyone out there thinks the Globe & Mail is biased, the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun and National Post have absolutely gone off the deep end since the election. They absolutely cannot understand that Canadians didn't vote Conservative and there's hell to pay over that decision.

Harper’s future: Unless they can get Bernard Lord, Harper is the best they’ll do. He’s a very smart man in a party full of very stupid people. The Cons have got to muzzle the wing nuts in that party if they ever want to form government.

Biggest Winner: Chuck Cadman. Goes from an obscure backbencher in opposition to the hottest interview in Canada.


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