Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hot and Not

Early on in the campaign, the Liberals clung to a small lead. As we head for the finish line...the Liberals still cling to a small lead. But a lot has changed on the way here. With due respect to Jane Taber, here's a look at what's Hot and what's Not as the campaign nears its finish:

Hot: "Hidden Agenda"
Not: "Politics of Achievement"

Hot: Gilles Ducceppe eating food
Not: Gilles Ducceppe wearing hairnets

Hot: John Manley
Not: Bernard Lord

Hot: Stephane Dion
Not: Jean Lapierre

Hot: Ken Dryden
Not: Bill Cunningham

Hot: The SES poll
Not: Personal interest stories

Hot: Ed Broadbent rap video
Not: Shooting guns at TV viewers

Hot: Minority Governments
Not: Coalitions

Hot: Peter MacKay
Not: Joe Clark

Hot: Sheila Copps
Not: Tony Valeri

Hot: Green Party
Not: Canadian Action, Marxist-Leninists, Communist, and Marijuana Parties

Hot: Belinda Stronach
Not: Flatmark

Hot: 1957, 1979 election comparisons
Not: 1984, 1993 election comparisons

Hot: Paul Wells
Not: Jean Lapierre (so cold, he gets his name mentioned twice)

Hot: Child Porn accusations
Not: Killing homeless

Hot: Voting
Not: Politicians


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