Saturday, May 29, 2004

Week 1 Review:

Blog of the Week:
Revolutionary Moderation has been a lot of fun this week with their Gaffe contest.

Weekly Winner: Toss up. No one made a big splash this week.

Weekly Loser: Jack Layton.

Laugher of the Week: I’ll give Scott Reid and Scott Feschuk credit for taking a few shots at their own party in the top 10 list they came up with for the Liberal plane nickname. Among the highlights: “The Most Important Campaign Plane Ever”, “Still pretty much screwed in the West-Jet”, “Enola Gay Marriage”, and “Majorit-air”. The media has christened the plane “Minorit-air”, while Harper gets “United Scarelines” and Layton gets “Balance of Pow-air” (apparently High-Jack was the original winner but they couldn’t use it for obvious reasons).

Bumbly Martin Quote of the Week: Paul couldn’t even get the election date in his French opening remarks on Sunday.

Jean Lapierre mistake of the week: Speculates about Liberal minority. But honestly, it was a good week for Lapierre by comparison.

We’re flying towards…Likely a Liberal minority. Not much changed this week.

Grade: B-
Highlight: Health Care package
Lowlight: Herle connected to Ontario budget
He finished the week a lot stronger than he started it. A lot of little mishaps but nothing major. Obviously the McGuinty backlash is still crushing them in Ontario.

Grade: B+
Highlight: "You don't have to be a Liberal to be Canadian"
Lowlight: Bilingualism controversy.
Harper looks really good so far. He’s taking it easy on the campaign trail but he’s been joking and will likely last longer than Martin, who’s already looking tired.

Grade: C
Highlight: Good optics to start the campaign off with his launch and then taking Olivia to Vancouver
Lowlight: Says he'd throw out Clarity Bill
Layton started off good but he’s made a few head scratching decisions over the last few days. He also got a lot of negative press on the inheritance tax which, in itself, isn’t a terrible idea.

Grade: B+
Highlight: Great slogan
Lowlight: Accused of running campaign in a bubble
He’s stayed on message and looked good so far.


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