Monday, May 24, 2004

Advice Followed

In an article I wrote a few weeks ago for Freethought, I gave five pieces of advice to Stephen Harper and the first one was to get his family involved in the campaign. Well, lo and behold, Harper was out today with Ben and Rachel for his first campaign stop. The guy looks relaxed; He joked with reporters at his first press conference today and sang a little Elvis to party faithful. My hunch is if he keeps doing things like this, Canadians will see him as a normal Canadian like them - not a right wing monster. Hell, I didn't like the guy a month or two ago and I've warmed up to him. I'd never vote for him but I've warmed up to him. If only he could learn to smile, the guy would be unstopable...

Harper also gets credit for the best line of the day: "You can still be Canadian, even if you aren't a Liberal". I know I've predicted a Liberal minority but I really do think this guy could win.