Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Credit Where Credit Is Due:

I've been waiting a long time to actually say something nice about Paul Martin on this blog (it is a Liberal blog after all). And believe me, I've been trying to find something nice to say...anything. I would have settled for a nice haircut. Suffice to say, there's been little good to be said about Turner 2's campaign so far. In fact, I'd been all set to come on here and talk about Martin stealing the CSL slogan for his Quebec campaign and Herle advising McGuinty on the budget.

But then, gasp!, Paul went and did something smart. The Liberal Health platform released today is very good. I don't know if he'll follow through on it or get approval from the Premiers but if he does, I'll tip my hat to Paul on a job well done. The big ticket spending is needed as are the little things like recognizing foreign credentials and adding 1000 spots to med schools across the country. Proof enough of just how sound this program is: the NDP is attacking it on the "Liberals can't keep their promises" strategy as supposed to "it's not enough" strategy.

Will people believe the man who gutted health care in the 90s? Will Ontario voters trust Liberals? I don't know. But, for the first time since becoming Prime Minister, Martin has actually put something substantial on the table. Sure beats opening up the Louis Riel trial, eh?


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