Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best News of the Week

I'll admit it. I was worried it would be difficult to find blog content in the new majority government reality. And then, this gift from the blogging gods:

Martin may run for NDP leadership in bid for Liberal merger

OTTAWA - Manitoba NDP MP Pat Martin says he’ll run for the NDP leadership himself if no candidates step forward pledging to take the party into formal unity talks with the federal Liberals.

"I firmly believe we have the ability to stop the Harper agenda," said Martin. "I’m serving notice that that’s what I want to hear from a leadership candidate. And I’m not alone."

Martin said he knows of several people from both parties who believe the same thing. He isn’t seeking the leadership job yet but he says he will do it if it means members can vote for someone willing to lead the two parties to a united stand.

"If none of them throw it on the table, I’ll do it myself," he said.

Yes, a Pat Martin leadership bid! Get ready for puppet shows, orgy and KY Jelly quotes, and Santa Claus cameos.

The only thing which could top that in terms of entertainment value would be a televised summit between Martin and Denis Coderre to draft a merger manifesto.



  • "If we believe all the things we say about Harper ruining this country, we have it in our grasp to do something about it."
    But, they *don't* really believe those things... orange, red and green teams were always hogwashing about "not recognizing Canada" or they WOULD HAVE COOPERATED AGAINST A 'COMMON FOE' YEARS AGO.

    A merger is what the people want. It's not what the Liberals want, it's not what the NDP wants. As usual, they will feel their personal preferences outweigh the people's.

    By Anonymous Jacques Beau Verte, at 9:58 a.m.  

  • The people by and large don't want a merger. If you merge the two parties, the Conservatives win. Every. single. time.

    This last election is the best example. Look at the ridings in this election where the Liberal vote collapsed. Some went NDP, but tonnes went Conservative.

    There needs to be a viable centrist party to eat Con-leaning voters that will never ever vote anything associated with the NDP.

    By Anonymous Marc from soccer, at 11:05 p.m.  

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