Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Week in Alberta: A Look at the Calgary Grits

Running for the Liberals in Calgary is about as difficult as it gets. On most nights of door knocking, you'll be held personally responsible for the Sponsorship Scandal, the NEP, and the Flames missing the playoffs. To endure that kind of abuse with little hope of victory, you need to believe passionately in your party's message.

So here's a round-up of what some of these brave men and women have been up to so far this campaign:

Calgary Center North - Stephen Randall

I interviewed Randall back in March - since then, his campaign team has turned the 66 year old globe trotter into a bit of an internet sensation.

YYCSteve has been rated the most engaged twitterer in western Canada by Global News, earning a Klout score of 60 - that leaves him 11 points ahead of Tory candidate Michelle Rempel and only 5 back of the Twitter king himself, Naheed Nenshi. As the kids, or Jack Layton, would say - hashtag win!

Calgary East - Josipa Petrunic

I blogged about Josipa's local issues campaign a few weeks back - it's now in full swing with an interactive website you can visit here. The campaign also got a boost this week with an endorsement from three former east side aldermen.

Calgary Southwest - Marlene Lamontagne

This campaign features an active group of young Liberals, who plan to "Paint the Town Red" the night before E-Day. Like most of the other Liberal candidates, Marlene's opponent won't be debating her. Unlike the others, he actually has a valid reason.

Calgary South East - Brian MacPhee

Brian gets to take on Jason Kenney in my old riding. Kenney hasn't had time to debate any of his challengers, but he has had time for smarmy tweets: "Lively debate at our campaign office on whether the Liberals will finish fourth again in Calgary Southeast."

Stay classy Jason.

Calgary West - Janice Kinch

Janice gets to take on Calgary's finest - Rob Anders. Below is a photo of Janice and some University of Calgary Young Liberals who have helped her reach out to constituents, while Anders hides in the Conservative candidate witness protection program.

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