Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ad Watch: Ignatieff Gets Personal

A series of new Liberal ads have hit the airwaves.

In the first, Ignatieff talks a bit about his past, and ties it in to the Liberals' just launched pension policy:

Then, Ignatieff responds to the Tory attack ads...just 2 short years after they first aired:

Finally, my favourite of the three, and the one I'll ask you to grade. Of everything we've seen from the Liberal platform so far, Family Care is my favourite plank. It's easy to understand and it connects to voters at the personal level - after all, who doesn't have an aging or sick relative?

And, like the policy, this ad connects at the personal level, with Ignatieff talking about his mother's battle with Alzheimer's. For a guy who has been portrayed as an alien in Tory attack ads, this will do a lot to humanize him. It shows the Liberals value family and it shows Ignatieff values family.

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And if you didn't get a chance to grade the latest round of NDP commercials, just click here.

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