Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He's Always Got Time For Tim Hortons

Stephen Harper has received some flack for his decision to skip Barack Obama's address to the UN on climate change, in favour of a photo op at the Tim Hortons Innovation Centre.

I know, I know. Donuts over diplomacy. It doesn't look good. It makes Harper look like a leader who doesn't give a rats ass about climate change. But when you examine the issue closely, Harper's decision was clearly a difficult one. Let's compare:

Prominent Event Speaker
UN: Barack Obama
Tims: Stephen Harper
Edge: UN

Food Served at Event
UN: A selection of hors d'oeuvre prepared by the world's best international chefs
Tims: Double-double and a Boston Cream donut
Edge: Tims

A Chance to get the Votes of...
UN: Environmentalists
Tims: Tim Hortons crowd
Edge: Tims

Major Accomplishment
UN: Deployed 35 peace keeping missions
Tims: The triple chocolate donut
Edge: UN...barely

Shameful Moment
UN: Oil for food scandal and inability to prevent Rwandan genocide
Tims: Firing that single mom for giving a free timbit to a baby
Edge: Tie

Feel Good Moment
UN: Raising billions for UNICEF
Tims: When the kid realizes his dad secretly came to watch his hockey practices when he was younger
Edge: Tims. Hands down. Who didn't cry a little bit?

Charitable Cause
UN: World peace and averting a global warming catastrophe
Tims: Youth hockey
Edge: UN

So, it's 3-3 between the two events. Still, I think we all know roughly what Obama will say ("global warming is a threat...we should reduce our carbon footprint...blah blah blah...hope and change...blah blah blah"). Whereas, who on earth has any idea what actually happens at a donut innovation centre? Seriously.

Out of sheer curiosity alone, I think I'd make the same decision as Harper.

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