Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Reading

1. The Calgary Herald profiles newly elected Alberta Liberal leader David Swann. Among his policy proposals sure to go over well in the right-of-centre province are: a moratorium on oil sands development, a progressive income tax, a cap-and-trade system, an increased carbon levy on large GHG emitters, and a new provincial sales tax. Memo to all politicians - do not muse about raising is never smart.

2. Speaking of which, we've finally seen the Iggy picture that will be donning the front page of for the next few years. I must say, it's really not that bad, except for the dark eyes that look as if they want to steal my soul.

3. Back in Alberta, it appears Iris Evans may be heading off to the Drumheller penitentiary before long, as Alberta is poised to break its own no-deficit law.

4. The Winnipeg Sun offers up a year in review.

5. The headline of the week comes from the Ottawa Citizen: Harper set to leave 24 Sussex.

6. Al Franken is looking good in the Minnesota recount.

7. Looking for that last minute Christmas gift for that special someone this year? Well, check out cheatneutral, which offers fidelity offsets. (Hat tip JT)

8. Courtesy of reader KD, come this wonderful suggestion:
I have an idea that would help ensure the PM has a good selection of highly qualified candidates [for the Senate]. All Canadians should be encouraged to send him their CVs. Yes, I mean every Canadian. What better way to show our support for the PM's job creation efforts in these dark economic times. And who knows, some lucky Canadians who might not otherwise be considered for such an appointment would have a chance to serve their country. The best part is there's no cost! You can mail your resume to the PM's office (free postage) at:

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

I'm sure his staff would appreciate receiving all these CVs as it would demonstrate the interest that Canadians have in this fine initiative.

Just remember, you must be 35 and own property in the provinces with Senate vacancies. Oh, and if you're a Tory bagman, be sure to highlight that on your cover letter.

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  • Actually, the lower age limit for Senate appointments is 30 - see section 23 of the Constitution Act, 1867. Which should allow several million more Canadians to put their names in for consideration.

    By Blogger Greg Fingas, at 2:16 p.m.  

  • That picture of Iggy? Sort of looks like Robert De Niro; maybe should make a virtue of that!

    By Blogger Party of One, at 2:50 p.m.  

  • Have you been following all the dirty tricks going on in the Minnesota recount? Hundreds of votes appearing out of thin air, all in Franken's favour.

    By Blogger nuna d. above, at 3:03 p.m.  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Tiny Perfect Blog, at 6:10 p.m.  

  • Well, Dan, don't pretend to be so outraged. Chr├ętien appointed plenty of "Liberal bagmen" and other toadies (like that untalented CTV hack) to the Senate -- and all that for kissing Liberal butt.

    Liberals have absolutely ZERO right to complain about the upcoming Senate appointments.

    Besides, the Libs were already set to stuff the Senate themselves if they putsch had actually gone through.

    Stick to policy issues, but spare us common-sensical Canadians your hypocrisy. It's unbecoming.

    By Blogger George, at 9:04 p.m.  

  • I know the bagman thing is meant as a funny CG, but would you care to tell me the primary qualifications of Senator Rod Zimmer from Manitoba?

    Merry Christmas Dan. *grin*

    By Blogger The Hack, at 11:23 p.m.  

  • Iggy looks good.
    The Shruggy Dion was a gift that kept on giving for them, but here Iggy just looks like he's about to steal Harper's lunch.
    If that's the worst they can do...

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:19 a.m.  

  • Al Franken, great ...

    A celebrity AND a bitter partisan. Just what Minnesota needs more of.

    As for Swann, I applaud him. He won't compromise what he believes in, and that's what the ALP needs. Some of his ideas may be unpopular, but give it time. Alberta's better off with a legitimate alternative, not just a watered-down version of the PCs.

    I actually hate most of his ideas, but that's not the point. He's advancing the debate, and engaging Albertans that are currently disengaged.

    By Blogger Robert Vollman, at 11:34 a.m.  

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