Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fly Away, Little Sparrow

After the pooping puffin on Tuesday, it was more mean spirited poop from the Tory campaign today - this time from a Sparrow (and, again, it indirectly involved Michael Ignatieff):

MONTREAL — Senior Conservative Party spokesman Ryan Sparrow has been suspended from the campaign after suggesting the father of a slain soldier who criticized Stephen Harper today was a Liberal.

Mr. Sparrow sent an email to CTV News today suggesting that Jim Davis, the soldier's dad, is a supporter of Liberal incumbent Michael Ignatieff.

He has also been ordered to call Mr. Davis and apologize for his comments.

I'll give the Tories credit - they're a lot better at damage control than they used to be. I guess the "practice makes perfect" adage applies here.

UPDATE: I was going to do a detailed post on the over zealous attack nature of the Harper Conservatives tonight but Aaron Wheery does a better job than I ever could. Read it here.



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