Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Emphasis on "Fixed"

I haven't seen this hit the national media yet, but this news story out of Alberta is just...wow:

Stelmach Promises Fixed Election Dates, Longer Terms

EDMONTON- Premier Ed Stelmach's first bill since his reelection has drawn heavy criticism from opposition parties who characterize it as "undemocratic". The bill, to be tabled today, calls for Alberta to adopt fixed election dates, but lengthens the time between elections to ten years.

"I believe this represents a good compromise between those who want fixed election dates and those who feel there are too many elections," said Stelmach in an interview last night. "This will save taxpayers a lot of time and money."

Stelmach has long since opposed fixed election dates and, until recently, had been critical of the idea of lengthening electoral terms from the present four or five years. Tory insiders say that the results of the recent election, which saw an 11th straight Tory majority, brought him around.

Should the bill become law, Alberta's next general election will be held April 1st, 2018.


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