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This Week in Alberta Politics - Week 1900 of Tory Reign

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The Tories release Ed talking healthcare with the only actors in Alberta who can sound more wooden than the Premier when talking about healthcare.

Favourite "News" Headline on PC Alberta Website:
News: Ed Stelmach Cares About Albertans

NEP Watch
First Ed drops the NEP bomb to try and explain The Case of the Missing Doctors.

Then, later in the week, Ed gets NEP'd himself!

A Look Ahead to Week 2
I'd expect this will become an issue - the opposition needs to pounce. In my view, the ALP missed a chance to hammer Stelmach as hard as they could have on the conflict of interest switchero in week 1.

Ask Ed if he'll use the notwithstanding clause to override the Charter on this - I can guarantee the resulting press conference would lead to a lot of pain and suffering.

And now, from the home office in Vegreville, comes The Top Ten Steady Eddie Stumbles of week 1900. I intend this to be a weekly feature, although I may need top 12 or top 20 lists some weeks at the pace Ed is going...

10. Stelmach forgets NDP leader Brian Mason's name, calling him "Bill Mason" and "whatever his name is".

9. Stelmach uses the government news media room for a partisan press conference, showing a lack of understanding in the difference between the Alberta Government and the Conservative Party.

8. And the election date he chooses? The anniversary of the Mayerthorpe murders.

7. Stelmach gets blasted on royalties in Drayton Valley, a riding where they beat the second place Greens by a 5 to 1 margin last time: "I think the premier and (Energy Minister) Mel Knight are totally out of touch with conventional oil and gas."

6. A group of Grade 10 students all pan Stelmach's performance at their High School, including this gem: "What I just mainly took from it is we are the future. (But) what’s the point of coming here if you have no plans for the future".

And our top 5 show how Stelmach has fumbled his major announcement every single day so far this campaign:

5. Day 5: Ed announces tax breaks for seniors and, in fairness, the criticism is less than for his other announcements. The problem? He stands up the stud scud at a fundraiser, drawing front page criticism from his star candidate.

4. Day 4: Ed's "disastrous" daycare announcement. The moms on hand all critiqued his "plan", with one calling it "insulting".

3. Day 3: Ed's AISH announcement. And while the Premier did better than Ralph on this topic, staff who work with the disabled called it an "empty promise" and "frustrating".

2. Day 2: Ed's Health Care Plan which has been called "ridiculous", "the disappearing doctor act", "not possible", and "mythical".

1. From his very first day, Stelmach stole a page from the Turner '84 handbook and quietly brought in an order-in-council to exempt retiring Cabinet Ministers from his conflict of interest legislation, in a move Bill Mason called "change that works for Tory insiders".

Add it all up and you can see why the Red Deer Advocate observed: Stelmach appears to have Stockwell Day Disease.

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  • -The Adventures of PatMan flash cartoon

    Am I mistaken, or does Pat Murray steal a bunch of money from the PC Party or government of Alberta in that cartoon?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:56 a.m.  

  • I like Ed. He comes as advertised. His problem is that he's wrapped in a shrinkable product.

    Ed cannot do anything innovative for the simple reason that any innovative whatever is a damning criticism of Ralph and his milk the money running dogs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:50 p.m.  

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