Friday, February 08, 2008

Say My Name, Say My Name

I'm not sure if this reflects worse on Ed Stelmach, or on Brian Mason:

A reporter asked Stelmach to react to NDP Leader Brian Mason's earlier release of an email his party received from the chair of the province's royalty review panel, Bill Hunter.

Here's what Stelmach said: "I'm not aware of Bill's comments uh and uh... and and even if he did talk to or if he did or didn't talk to Bill Mason... uh, or ... whatever his name is."

Off microphone, a Calgary PC candidate volunteered to the leader: "Brian." So Stelmach continued: "Brian. Yes." That then drew laughter from the Calgary candidates.

In Other News...

I wouldn't over emphasize this one too much because, in fairness, it's only one dude, but here's what Preston Manning's former press secretary and hard right Reformer Ron Wood had to say yesterday:

For 40 years Ron has supported right-wing parties. His dad's side of the family has been of the conservative stripe for a century. But, in this election, Ron is voting Liberal and telling people why.

"You go back to Getty and his solution to everything was smother it with money, every time there was a hiccup he threw money at it. Stelmach is doing the same thing," says Ron, who got this page his first interview with Manning.


But voting Liberal doesn't mean Ron is bending the knee leftward.

"I am still a fiscal conservative, But the funny thing is so is Dave Taylor, so is Pat Murray. From what I've read Kevin Taft is a cautious spender," says the Reform party insider.

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