Friday, August 10, 2007

MacKay to Industry (e3)

More insane Cabinet shuffle speculation:

Several Conservative sources suggest the most senior ministries could be in for a housecleaning next week.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has summoned every minister to Ottawa on Monday morning.

Sources say Harper could shuffle more than a dozen cabinet positions to put a new face on his year-and-a-half old Conservative government.

Several of the most senior ministries are likely to change hands, including Defence, Foreign Affairs, Health and Industry.

More than a dozen changes? Uh-huh. In other news, rumour has it that a seven team trade that will see Rick Nash, Jarome Iginla, Chris Pronger, and Roberto Luongo switch teams is in the works.

Bold prediction. Gordon O'Connor is gone. And James Moore will probably get screwed over, as he always does. Above and beyond that, who knows?



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